KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers - Songs Do Not Play via WiFi

My ROON server is installed on Mac OS.
I am able to play local files and tidal songs on the macbook and wifi network device like SONOS and Google Mini.
I can play songs on the KEF LS50 when connected via USB, but not via WiFI.
Basically, the elapsed time doesn’t move when output is wireless LS50.
I have adjusted volume and mute with roon and KEF remote, still nothing.

I see that tidal and KEF Stream apps should be closed. What else can I try?


Are you able to stream to the device using the KEF Stream application? Are you unable to get playback to work to the speakers using Roon under any circumstance?

You should also check and make sure that you are running the latest firmware for the KEF LS50 Wireless. I’ve included the link to KEF’s support download site below.


The KEF stream application works, but I don’t like it (hence the roon trial)

I’m able to play through KEF speakers when connected to Roon Core via USB, so let’s use that for troubleshooting

Roon is very flakey (iphone and macbook that’s also running core). I cannot cannot successfully listen to more than a couple songs in a row. One of two things will happen:

A – after x number of seconds, it advances to the next song with no user input
B – the speakers go quiet

Let me know if there’s a debug mode or other way to troubleshoot this


Are you experiencing this behavior when playing Roon to the system output of your Mac? Can you describe your networking setup in further detail? Some helpful information would include

  1. Your results of a speedtest from
  2. Is your Roon Core connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet?
  3. What make/model is your router? Are your modem and router in a single device or separate?
  4. Are there any mesh satellites or ethernet switches on your network?


I’m having a similar problem using Roon and Qobuz with my LS50W’s.

  • I’m running Roon Core on my Mac and the core is connected through WiFi (mac doesn’t have ethernet capability).

  • I have the LS50W’s on the same WiFi (too far to run ethernet).

  • I’m running the Roon Remote app on my iPhone.

  • Roon sees the Kef LS50W’s.

  • I can adjust the volume on the Kef’s using the buttons on the Kef’s and the Roon app on both the iPhone and Mac sees the change in volume

  • It says it is playing a music file.

  • No sound comes out of the Kef LS50W’s.

  • It plays fine if I run the Mac to the Kef’s through USB, but WAF prevents this from being a long term solution.

I set the limit on the KEF’s to 24-bit / 96kHz and the problem was resolved.

Where is this setting?
I’m having a similar problem with Roon on Windows and a new pair of LS50Ws…no sound plays to the KEFs.