KEF LS50 wireless suddenly not found by good ole Roon

Clearly there are issues using KEF LS50 wireless with Roon based on the hundreds of questions/problems posted here. Mine have been working fine on wi fi in my office, fed by an Eero system. The KEF show up in Roon as a Device and I 've used Roon for a yea with them pretty problem free though sometimes they aren’t found. Now they aren’t found at all-sometimes they show up as an enabled device in Roon yet still won’t pop up as a Zone so therefore can’t be selected. When I hard wire them to the Imac I use (which is operating on Wi FI, not hard wired) I can use Tidal and Quboz off their desktop apps and select the KEF as the output speaker. This way though the Imac volume control AND the Tidal / Qubos volume controls both work. No matter what I try- rebooting, quitting Roon, turning KEF on/off they never appear as an option to play in Roon. Frustrating- and- in my experience Roon simply is unstable and does weird buggy things on any endpoint device / zone that’s not hard wired. It really should be marketed as a hard wired service only in my peronal experience with several zones / devices / core etc. Is there a simple answer here or are KEF LS50 wireless (original, not version II) simply unstable with Roon? And, yes, like everyone else I’m pretty tired of the usual “tell us about your network configuration” response from Roon- no offense but, it does speak to my point about Roon really only being stable on an old school hard wired ethernet set up - which- in today’s age of 40 wireless devices / streaming etc in our homes is pretty frustrating.