KEF LS50 Wireless Unstable Connection

When the KEF speakers are not available, it is not available on both Roon Core on PC and also Roon Remote (on Android tablets). So both Roon and Roon remote has the same issue.
But I am able to find the KEF speakers on the KEF Control and KEF Streaming app. Also Spotify app with Spotify Connect, it will see the KEF speakers as one of the wireless devices.

With regards to Kaspersky, I check the firewall, I think Roon and Tidal are both let through. I did disconnect Kaspersky and then turn on Roon on the PC, still no sign of the KEF speakers. Same with Roon Remote.

Will call Eero technical and see what they can suggest. But last time, per their suggestions, I have already hardwired the KEF speakers to the network.

But each time I uninstall/install Roon, the KEF speakers show up. Note: No change in the wifi or eero setup. But of course, I loose the database. I tried once, uninstalling keeping the database, but Roon will not find the KEF speakers.

I agreed it is network related issue but would like to pinpoint to what so it can be resolved.

Regards, Larry

Here is the firewall screenshot

By the way, each time I run Roon does it look for the same ip address of the KEF speakers? Or each time the KEF speakers is power down and up again, does Roon only looks for the same (previous ip address) ip address it connected to, when I first installed Roon Core?

Because I do noticed when it is working, when I power down the KEF speakers (which is hardwired connected to the network) and power up, it takes Roon a couple of minutes to find the speakers. And at time it will not see it. And that’s when no matter how many times I power down /up the KEF speakers, Roon will not see it. Or re-starting Roon.

Thanks, Larry

Not sure if roonlabs covers all of what is needed for the firewall rules. Support can advise here. It might get well be looking for old ip address. If you can I would advise to see if you can reserve ip address on your eero for both core pc and Kef speakers it will rule out this as it will use the same one each time it powers up.

This is correct and not relevant to your problem. They are displaying the same thing. The core discovers all available audio devices and sets them up for it’s use. The remotes are just displaying what the core has discovered. If the Core cannot see your speakers then some part of the discovery chain between the core and speakers is having an issue. So bottom line, if the Core cannot see an audio device, the remotes will not see the audio device.

Verify that the firewall is allowing and not blocking either the Roon server process AND the RAAT processes which is important for speaker discovery. I cannot tell from your screen shot what actual processes your firewall is including under Roon Laps.
If you turn off your firewall (on the Core/Server) completely, do the speakers appear?

Tun off Kaspersky and still same result, not able to find KEF speakers. So it is not the firewall issue

Will this help?


Try switching the input on the Kefs away from wireless to another input, say… aux, or optical, or pc and then back to the wireless input. This is what I have to do sometimes when the Kefs don’t show up in Roon.

I just cycle through the inputs and when I switch back to wireless, or ethernet in your case the Kefs pop back up again in Roon.

Hope this helps.


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Hello @Larry_Quek,

I have started a case for you with our QA team who will take a closer look at this issue and the diagnostics received from your system, I will be sure to let you know their thoughts on this matter after they have concluded their investigation or if they require more information.

I appreciate your patience while this case reaches their queue and will be sure to let you know as soon as I hear back regarding what could be going on here.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for the inputs. I power down and power on the KEF; also tried switching inputs like your suggestion, when it gets to the wireless input, the KEF wifi light is solid white (which means that it is connected to the network). But on Roon Core and Roon Remote, still no sign of the KEF speakers.
If I were to do an uninstall/re-install of Roon Core, with deletion of database, then Roon will find the KEF speakers. But this usually does not last long, maybe from a few hours to 30 hours, then Roon will loose the KEF connection.
But on KEF Control and KEF Stream, and also Spotify Connect (which uses wifi), I am able to stream music to the KEF speakers. Strange, only issue is on Roon.

Regards, Larry

Hmm… must be a different issue to mine @Larry_Quek. Was worth a try though. Hope you get it sorted.

Do you have the windows inbuilt firewall on? Might be worth turning that off as well.

Thanks for your inputs, yes I have tried turning off both Windows and Kaspersky firewall and still no KEF speakers on Roon or Roon Remote.

Hello @Larry_Quek,

I appreciate your patience here. I have had a chance to discuss your case with the QA team and one of our developers today and they have requested clarification on a couple of things:

  • Can you please post a screenshot of the firmware version you are using for those speakers? You should be able to find that information using the KEF app.

  • If you disable standby mode using the KEF control app, do they ever get back into the state where Roon can’t find them?

  • We have a theory that another device on your network might be causing a conflict – is there any way you can limit the devices on your network to just the KEFs and the Core? Are there any other Networked speakers or UPNP devices on this network? Ideally, if you could test with just the Core and the KEFs connected over Ethernet, and no Wifi devices connected at all that will be a great data point to have.

We have also placed a request for our this gear in our Lab and will be trying to reproduce this behavior on our end. Please let me know your findings to my above questions when possible.


Hi Noris, thanks for your continued support. Appreciate it, I really like to resolve this so to sign up for lifetime subscription of Roon.
Unfortunately I am away on a trip, will be away till Nov 17.
Answers to your questions, as I know it . I know for sure the firmware on the KEF is the latest because when I first power up the speakers (these are brand new, only 10 days old. I have gone through two set of speakers. I had to return one due to hairline crack on the left speakers so we know for sure both new speakers exhibiting same connection problem), it ask me to update the firmware. I have to download and connect PC to the speakers to do this. I can send you a screenshot of the firmware when I am back on Nov 17.

Sorry, not able to disable standby until I am back to my home in NY.

With regards to device conflicts, I only have tablets, security camera, PC, phones, Roku, Chromecast, but no other UPNP devices or network speakers. KEF is the only network speakers. Only able to do this test when I am back to NY —Ideally, if you could test with just the Core and the KEFs connected over Ethernet, and no Wifi devices connected at all that will be a great data point to have.

FYI, I have also contacted my wifi system, eero for tech support. Actually I also have spoke with them in the last 10 days. They are the ones suggesting hardwiring speakers to the network. Anyway, they have also elevated my case to their senior tech support level to see how to resolve the issue.

Hopefully between Roon and Eero tech, we can get to the bottom of things.

FYI, I have eero (you can google and find details of eero) working fine, for the last 3 to 4 years. Hsve used eero since they become available on the market. Eero also is able to see and diagnosed my nework from their end. Eero is a mesh network system. I used 3 eero units over my 2000 sq feet loft apartment. Main eero is connected to the cable modem, and one eero in the middle of the apartment and the third eero at the back of the apartment. With these 3 eero units, there is no dead support throughout the apartment. With speed test, I can verify that throughout the apartment, wifi signal upload/download speed is the same throughout. Before with a standard wifi router (even the high end wifi router) there is some dead spots.

Hi Noris, do you have any customers that uses mesh network like eero with Roon and KEF speakers? I know there are others mesh network out there. Linksys Velop,TP-Link Deco M9 Plus , Google wifi and many others. Eero was one of the first to put on the market the first mesh network system on the market for the home. I was one of their early customers.

I am not familiar how mesh network work and does this “interfere” with Roon wifi communication method. Just wondering.

Hello @Larry_Quek,

Thanks for updating me regarding your status. We’re not aware of any issues with our KEF integration and mesh networks, so while I wouldn’t rule out the network configuration, I doubt that’s the underlying cause.

I am wondering if KEF has by any chance released a newer firmware that we are not aware of, and this is the reason I was asking for a screenshot of the firmware version. Regardless, I have placed the request for the hardware team to take a look at the KEFs they have in the lab and confirm that everything works as expected in the lab with the newest firmware.

When you get back from your trip it would be really helpful to run the test without anything else connected to your network and see if the same behavior still occurs. The simpler you can make everything – the WiFi, the network hardware, other devices, etc, the better. If we can narrow it down to another device on your network, then we know where to take a look.

Similarly, if we are able to narrow down this issue to the speakers themselves using the “never enter standby mode” that will give us a great data point as well.

I’m confident that we can get this stable for you but it’s just a matter of figuring out where the issue lies and correcting it. Once again, thank your for your patience during this troubleshooting process and I look forward to your reply once you return from your trip.


Because of my trip and being gone, I will not be able to work with you and Eero and KEF to try to pinpoint where the proboem lies. Unfortunately my trial subscription with Roon ends on Nov 15. My initial thinking was to evaluate Roon and decide whether to proceed with lifetime or yearly membership. But because of the problem I have come across and then my Business trip till Nov 17, it’s going to be difficult to make final decision. I have a favor to ask, is there any way to extend my trial period till end of Nov?

Thankd, Larry

Set radio channel for wireless connection under router settings to max value 48.

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