KEF LS50W and Roon Question

A question for you KEF LS50W users. I just installed my Sonic Transporter at my son’s house. He has a pair of LS50w’s and a Google mesh system. We were getting dropouts playing Roon. Is it necessary to delete any part or all of the KEF app to get Roon working properly? I’m guessing we have a WiFi problem but I wanted to make sure there is nothing we have to do with the KEF app.

I would think it is probably your WiFi, can you get an ethernet cable to the KEFs? would be much more stable. no need to even have the KEF apps running, might even be hurting you some?? Just shut them down and try with out them at all.
I have used erro pro mesh and it “mostly” works, but I also have one of the stations right next to the speakers, so a very strong signal. I mostly use them with RPi running ropieee via optical with the ethernet connected.

P.S. make sure you have the latest firmware in the KEFs.

Agreed. You may want to use a Google Nest Router rather than a Point near your LS50Ws so you can connect it with ethernet. The Router has an ethernet out, the Point doesn’t.

Good luck!

Solved it last night. It was a WiFi problem. He put a switch next to the KEFs and much closer to the main google mesh and runs the KEFs and the STI5 out of the switch. The STI5 was upstairs in a bedroom because no ethernet ports were available near the KEFs and that was just a bit too much distance for the Google mesh.Works great now.

I nearly returned a pair of KEF LSX because I couldn’t get them to stream music for more than a few seconds at a time, despite having very good wifi & good-enough internet speeds. Someone on here suggested connecting via ethernet and that cured the issue instantly. :grinning: