KEF LS50W Disconnects From Network

Can you please elaborate a little more?

I also have problems with my newly bought (used) KEF LS50W keeping/reestablishing the Wifi Connection.
I have to connect the KEF LS50W manually from the 2.4 ghz net to the 5 ghz net where it works for hours without any hickups (2.4 ghz stutters constantly). As soon as I turn off the KEFs they don’t reconnect to the Wifi at all (red wifi sign) upon restart.

Do I really have to have the KEFs switched on all the time?

I appreciate any help here

Hi @Christoph,

I would check to make sure that you have the newest KEF firmware installed via the KEF Control app. Since this appears to be a hardware issue, you may want to also reach out directly to KEF after checking the firmware.

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