KEF LS50W Firmware update

Exactly the same for me

Ah, doesn’t surprise me… Thx for your reply.
And thank you KEF :wink:

KEF = great at speakers and terrible at software.

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just updated firmware with no issues.

app shows spotify but no setting for left right swap…

same for me, error and no internet connection issue. bearFNF can you describe what you did ?


@bearFNF See new Kef thread for instructions.

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For real and also communicating to their customers.

I was succesful tonight. Only thing I did different: I reset my speakers and connected both my laptop and my speakers wireless to the same wifi access point,

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OK so I succeeded. I decided to right click and used compatibility troubleshooter. It suggested Windows 8 compatibility mode and off to the races we go. 15 minutes later they restarted and they showed up under Spotify as an option to stream to. Have not tried swapping left right but that’s not something I was looking for.

Mac version of the update finally available.

Same things to me. Thank’s.

When I update, the tool says: Error 201 Poor Wifi Connection
Does somebody know a solution?

Can you move them closer to the router or access point? Not sure but would ethernet connection help?

I have downloaded the update tool. However, my problem is that I use the speakers in my holiday home where I have a LAN but there is no internet connection. Is there a way around the need for an internet connection during the update?

The actual firmware is not contained in the update tool - thus why prior links/versions work. The firmware is pulled from Kef by the update tool. So you need to be connected to the internet. And judging by others’ issues above, it looks like being plugged in with ethernet directly is the safest way to go.

Use your phone

I just downloaded the mac update tool again and it has actually been updated from V1.0 to V1.3. Wonder what is in the tool itself that has changed … hopefully it’s more robust now.

That’s what I assumed; I was wondering if there is a way around this for downloading and installing the actual update file.

Yikes!! I think I just bricked my speakers doing the update.

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Oh! Thats a bummer. There must be a way around that? Tried to reset the speakers with the reset button on the back of the right speaker?