KEF LS50W noise during powering on/off

Hello there,

I’d like to ask fellow LS50W owners if this is common or some kind of (small) fault:

I have both speakers at my work desk on isoAcoustics stands so I’m really close to the speakers. When I turn the speakers on, I noticed some noises that I think there weren’t present at the beginning. My English isn’t so good to describe the sound properly, but it’s really really quiet pops / clics very similar to the noise You can hear on “dusty” vinyl records.

When turning the device on, it can be heard in this order:

  1. power button
  2. relay click in left speaker
  3. “pops / clics” sound <- THIS IS MY CONCERN
  4. welcoming music
  5. “pops / clics” sound - little bit different from 3) <- THIS IS MY CONCERN

Then the speakrs sounds and play as usual without any distortion or problem.

Similar situation is present when turning off the set. I’m quite sure that the 3) a 5) weren’t so much noticeable when the speakers were new. I can have now about 200hours played on them.

Thank You for sharing Your thoughts!

I hear a few very very quiet ticks. I have to put my ear right next to the cones to hear it…it sounds like power being applied or shut off from the speaker.

I can not hear it a few feet away from the speakers.

They are silent after fully started up.

Thank You very much for the reply and testing.

Yes, the ticks are really quiet, but when the system was new I hardly noticed it and now it seems to me, that it’s little bit louder. I can hear it from about 4-6 feet distance.

Yes, after start up, they are completely silent then. No ticks, brum or whatsoever.

Once again thank You.

I hear those same turns on noises and I sit about eight feet from my LS50W speakers. They are normal and do not reappear after the initial turn on unless I turn them off and back on again.

John, thank You very much for Your answer. You are very kind!

So I think it’s common behaviour of the LS50W set when powering up or turning off. Right?

Thank You!

Yes, correct