KEF LS50W2 and Apple Lossless

Hi @Ben_Hagens , I previously asked you to check that the Chromecast built-in input supported 96kHz sample rate. Thanks for checking this and confirming it does.

Can you ask the same KEF team about what sample rates the Airplay 2 input supports.


Or does everything get resampled to 44.1k?

Or does everything get resampled to 48k?

With Apple Hi-Res Lossless launching today, I suspect KEF will be getting a lot of queries about this, so hopefully the team have an answer already prepared :slight_smile:

Also, can you please ask them to check the Airplay 2 input supports ALAC via Apple Music?

Please pass on this post by Naim software director (Steve Harris) about Airplay 2:

Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming? - #437 by Stevesky - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

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AirPlay 2 supports 24/48, but whatever we receive via AirPlay 2 will go through the same resampling based on the interspeaker connection (so 24/96 for wireless interspeaker, 24/192 for wireless).

In regards to Apple Music Lossless, Apple have stated on their support site that a wired connection is required, as well as a DAC to play higher resolution. No mention of AirPlay at all.

We, and I am very sure a great many other manufacturers are as well, are waiting for more information from Apple.

As a side note: I only got Apple Music Lossless yesterday along with everybody else - a little bit of advice for anybody using a Mac and then into a DAC (I run into a Chord Hugo 2). After playing around yesterday, Apple Music (on its own) doesn’t automatically adjust output for the native sample rate of the track - it will resample everything to whatever you’ve chosen in the Audio MIDI settings (so if you choose 48kHz, everything will be resampled in the Mac to 48kHz). So keep that in mind with whatever wired connection to whatever DAC you may be using.

Noted but please look more closely at the link by Naim’s software director… he shows a diagnostics screenshot of ALAC being streamed as AAC…

Can you please forward that to your technical team to look at?

Sample rate is not the only question here but bitrate… lossy vs lossless