KEF LS50WII secondary speakers keeps losing connection - but only when using KEF app


I have a strange issue with my set KEF LS50WII speakers: when using the KEF Connect app (iOS), my secondary speaker (wireless) keeps losing connecting, it drops playing for a few seconds every minute or so. It doesn’t matter what source I use, it happens for radio, Qobuz etc.

However, when using ROON, none of the above happens… Obviously, I know only use ROON now because of this, but I’m still curious why this happens and if I’m the only one?

@Ben_Hagens any thoughts from your side? Thanks!

Never come across this before, and I can’t see why it would occur with some things and not others - makes absolutely no sense to me, as the paths are the same - all data will go to the Primary speaker from the router (the app is purely a controller, no audio goes through the app) - Roon doesn’t send audio separately to each speaker.

Best thing to do would be to recreate it and get the logs over to customer service to investigate (don’t power cycle between recreation and sending logs, as the logs get cleared when the speaker is put into standby).