Kef LS60 and Roon Certification

Kef rolled out version 1.3 today,and the update states these wonderful speakers are now Roon Ready. I have a Roon Nucleus and that is still saying uncertified. I am running Roon 2, latest version. I have rebooted the nucleus,rebooted the speakers,still says uncertified. Kef just say you need the latest version…which I have…try uninstalling and rebooting the device. Well you can’t uninstall a nucleus so I am at a loss. If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful.

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Interesting that no one from Roon comments on this. Usually @john or @danny reacts to these situations, but not this time…

it must be a conspiracy!

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I think so too!

Hi @Adrian_Folland,

Are you still seeing the uncertified label on your LS60 Wireless Roon Ready zone?

Updates to the Roon Ready certification status can sometimes take up to 24 hours to propagate across all Roon Cores. I would expect that this should be working by now.


John,no it allowed itself to be enabled at around 5 pm this evening. Much to my relief. Awesome speakers but I don’t like anything that isn’t using Roon.

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but I don’t like anything that isn’t using Roon

Me too :slight_smile: