Kef LS60 Reporting Not Certified - What do I do?

Just bought Kef LS60 Roon is saying not certified help

According to the Roon Partners page it is not yet.
But maybe @support or @RBM can comment further?
Although Roon certification is not something that is normally discussed, at least not in relation to any timeline.

Did you read this thread?

It’s a cautionary tale…

Just curious. Did you do any research prior to buying them? Seems like something that might have been helpful. Just saying…

Tony until they are certified you can use them with Chromecast with no real loss of audio quality and Airplay with them limited to CD quality 16/44 output.
Hopefully that should keep you going until the certification process is complete.

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While the caveats of buying gear that is not Roon Ready yet are true, this does not help Tony at this moment in time.

The advice of using Chromecast in the mean time is sound – it will cover you up to 96/24 and is fully stable when used with Roon. KEF’s W2 streaming platform was selected with Roon Ready support in mind – and KEF have been quite OK delivering Roon Readiness for the LS50WII after the fact. As the LS60 share the same platform, I can’t see why KEF would not deliver.


Hi yes I did check and Kef say Roon Ready.

It says Roon Ready with an *. The * goes to a footnote that says Fall 2022. So I am not sure how you could have expected them to be Roon Ready right out of the box. It was the same way when the original KEF LS50W came out. I had to wait until they became Roon Ready. In the mean time use an RPi or some other device that gets you Roon via a separate device. It’s nice to have one as a backup anyway.

The original LS50W are not “Roon Ready” but “Roon Tested”… Just sayin’… :wink:

They work with Roon. Call it Tested or call it Ready it doesn’t matter. It works without an external device. And I loved the “Just Saying”. My words taste sweet.

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So I need to wait for Roon to send me a email :weary:

Well that’s probably not going to happen. What is likely to happen is that KEF will offer a firmware update that will provide the Roon Readiness. It’s KEF that you need to chase.


As it said “Fall 2022” it could be quite a wait…
So I would use them via Chromecast for now if possible.


Tony fully agree with @AceRimmer on this.
If you are not seeing them in Roon already you might need to add them using the Google Home app.
They should sound pretty amazing, and very little difference to Roon Ready from a sound perspective hopefully.


Can you use a RPi4 with HAT and optical to KEF? Maybe that’s the same as chromecast.

The HAT is usually a DAC isn’t it (I know…not always)? Doesn’t the LS60 have a built in DAC?

It can send optical (digital) out to a DAC. Yes, LS60’s have a DAC. Maybe something like this.

Thanks all I will use google home till Kef release a firmware update :call_me_hand:



When I bought my LS50II wireless last April, I used Chromecast and it worked pretty well. The KEF app is also handy for just using ur streaming service of choice direct too. So I did alot of Qobuz streaming outside of Roon for about 6 wks until they became Roon Ready via a firmware update from KEF. Hopefully for the LS60 it will be faster than for the other KEF wireless products…but I hope you like them as they look cool and would love to hear them! And as others have said you could use other endpoints, but in my set up for the upstairs listening area I was fully wireless with no ethernet runs. Overtime, the KEF’s have proven mostly bullet proof w/keeping the connection w/Roon.

Your question should be directed to KEF, who advertised/promised roon ready without actually having it. They are the only ones who can help you.

In the mean time, you’ll just have to wait. It will probably be available eventually.

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