KEF LSX and 192/24 content stuttering (depending on content)

Morning all,

Wondering if any other KEF LSX users out there are experiencing this problem (since build 571):

I have always been able to play 192/24 content without issue on my KEF LSX. I am running in cable mode (so KEF is connected to my router and the two speakers are wired together). Last few days I’ve been running into stuttering/skipping problems with certain recordings - both local and Qobuz content. Examples:

Rush Farewell to Kings - streamed from Qobuz 192/24 plays absolutely fine. However Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet 192/24 stutters every 3-4 seconds. Other recordings are hit and miss. I’m also seeing this on local (on SSD) 192/24 content, again depending on the recording - some are fine, some stutter.

This seems to be specific to content - as I can easily replicate the issue on specific high-res files (streamed or local). FW is up to date on LSX, Roon is up to date. Only 1 thing has changed in the last period and that is the Roon update to build 571.

It’s not that big of a drama, as I can play the lower res versions without issue, but its a bit annoying when Roon jumps into ‘Radio Mode’ and suddenly starts choking on a specific set of tracks.

Hi @YYZ,

Are just the LSX impacted by this issue? If you try to output to any of your other zones the same tracks/albums, do you notice the same issue there?

Hi @noris. Yea its just the LSX impacted. All other zones play just fine. I initially suspected network but then other zones should have also displayed this issue. I’ve done a factory reset of the LSX this afternoon and that seems to have (at least for now) resolved the issue. At least I’m listening to 192/24 Stones atm without issue :smiley:

3 songs in and now it stutters again. Gonna to some triage…

This is not a big issue, its absolutely fine and stable with 96/24, its just of course that the 192 is there and its in my library as default so that one gets hit automagically.

Hi @YYZ,

If you temporarily set the Max PCM Rate of the LSX to 96kHz in Device Setup do you still notice this issue occur at all? Setting it to 96kHz should downsample any content over it to the 96kHz rate. Device Setup can be accessed under Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel next to LSX -> Device Setup.

Yea that works fine for now. Will try a complete reboot of the entire network here later today, as I suspect this is probably the root of the problem…

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