KEF LSX audio profile saving problem

Hello, I have KEF LSX speaker and just bought a subwoofer Kube 8b to add more bass.
But I struggle to apply permanently the settings in the KEF App. Let me explain, I created a profile in the KEF app with subwoofer box plugged ticked. Everything goes fine. But each time I switch off the KEF speakers and restart it, the profile adjustement I just did are not taken into account. The default profile is playing. I need to change the profile in the KEF app back to default and switch back to my adjusted profile to get it normally working. This is really frustrating . Anybody with KEF LSX experiencing the same thing? I was wondering if it could be related to the fact that I’m streaming with Roon and not from the phone or KEF steaming app. I already reinstalled the KEF LSX firmware, removed all my audio profiles and created new ones, but it stays same issue. Thanks, David

I have the same exact problem. I’ve got dual subwoofers hooked up with the lsx and the polarity needs to be in negative, each time the speakers are off and I turn them off the bass is weak even though in the app the polarity is showing negative as my selection however I need to toggle between positive and negative for it to work again (bass becomes louder).

Have you by any chance resolved the issue? I’ve only had the speakers for a week.

Hey Amin, could you recreate the issue, and then go into the settings of the app and click ‘send logs and feedback’ - this will bring up an email to send to our customer service team, along with the speaker logs so they can see what’s happening on the coding level.

Hello, I just send one through. Once I’ve saved the settings from kefs app do the speakers retain them regardless of network connectivity?.

I feel like when my phone or the speaker isn’t in range it looses the profile settings. Thanks

I can’t believe this post was in January 2019 and I’ve recently purchased the LSX and I’m also having the same problem.

What’s the point of making a great product with poorly designed app which the speakers are reluctant to?

And no, KEF support doesn’t help worse support ever in the speaker industry.

I have sold my pair of LSXs! Not all, but part of the reason was the less than perfect app/software. Many frustrations! I will not go into all the details. Just see this as a general caution to potential buyers!
But they will work without the “silly app”, and that is a good thing.

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If you have a sub and want to fine tune the speakers for optimal sound, you will need to app. For basic users it will work without any issues if you don’t need to mess around with the app.

And that was the reason I sold them! Life is too short to live with constant frustrations!
I bought Genelec 8020D and a Presonus sub…moved on. Couldn`t be happier!

Good for you man. That’s all you can really do.

Hey Amin, no I didn’t get the issue resolved. I sent logs to KEF as it was also mentionned to you. After a while bug was fixed for a short time with a new app version, but it ended up coming back with the version after! Really frustrating.
I ended up selling the subwoofer. Kef answers are really slow and the app is really crappy.