KEF LSX audio profile saving problem

Hello, I have KEF LSX speaker and just bought a subwoofer Kube 8b to add more bass.
But I struggle to apply permanently the settings in the KEF App. Let me explain, I created a profile in the KEF app with subwoofer box plugged ticked. Everything goes fine. But each time I switch off the KEF speakers and restart it, the profile adjustement I just did are not taken into account. The default profile is playing. I need to change the profile in the KEF app back to default and switch back to my adjusted profile to get it normally working. This is really frustrating . Anybody with KEF LSX experiencing the same thing? I was wondering if it could be related to the fact that I’m streaming with Roon and not from the phone or KEF steaming app. I already reinstalled the KEF LSX firmware, removed all my audio profiles and created new ones, but it stays same issue. Thanks, David