KEF LSX audio stops

I have the same issue with my KEF LSX. The problem is random so difficult for to say more about it.

My Setup :
Wine & Roon client / Roon core on Ubuntu 18.04
Kef LSX connected with ethernet on my netowrk

Hello @FredB,

I moved your post to a new thread to be able to give your issue more focused attention.

A few questions to get started:

  1. Are your speakers connected to the network via WiFi or ethernet?
  2. Are your speakers connected to each other via the ethernet umbilical or wirelessly?
  3. Do the stoppages happen with both CD Quality 16bit as well as 24bit high resolution content?



Here are my answers :

  1. Speakers are connected to network via ethernet
  2. Speakers are connected each other via ethernet cable
  3. I noted the stoppages on 16bits CD Quality (FLAC). I do not have so much 24bits, so I don’t know

It’s a random problem so I can’t reproduce it “when I want”. It is difficult to give you more details about it.
However, when i had this problem, rebooting core server solved this issue.

Hello @FredB,

Did you notice any other issues or slowness with Roon while the LSX were having trouble with playback? Things like pulling up artist bios, searching, and opening album pages.


No slowness with roon while LSX were having trouble.
I’ve connected my speakers each other via Wifi, and for the moment no problems anymore

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