Kef lsx drops network connection

Unfortunately my lsx suddenly has a problem after 8 months of flawless operation. The lsx drops its network connection after a period (10 minutes or so) of not streaming content through roon (or other streaming source) and after being put to standby. The orange led starts blinking. Turning power off/on resolves the issue, but that should not be necessary. I have tried factory reset and connecting through wifi as well as wired lan (default) to no avail. My network config has not changed and other devices have no problem.

Unfortunately Kef does not respond to my query through their website contact form. Has any one on this forum experienced this problem? Suggestions?

Well, to follow up upon the topic. I tried factory reset various times which ended up worse, the speakers don’t connect to eachother anymore and no way I can access the speakers during setup through wifi or lan. Which means I also cannot play on other inputs anymore. So I sent them in for repair to my dealer. Even if it is not a roon related problem, it does prevent me from using roon in the living room… And a pity that Kef does not respond to questions through their sites.

Well, this topic/monologue may be closed. Just for the record and others who may experience a similar issue: I have received a new set of speakers from my dealer, so it turned out to be a hardware failure. Also, Kef did respond to my query, after the speakers had already been sent back to the dealer.

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