Kef lsx endpoint but will not play tracks

Core Machine

Nucleus Version 1.

Network Details

UK BT Internet Smart Hub 2.

Audio Devices


Description Of Issue

KEF LSX show up as endpoint for streaming and airplay. No tracks play, play progress line shows shuttling activity only.

Following up on this issue, I seem to be able to play cd’s that I have recorded to the library via my innuos zen, but I am unable to play any Qobuz streamed tracks or those I have placed in my library from Qobuz.

This morning I am now experiencing the same issue through my main system with only my owned tracks playing.
It appears the route through the Auralic Vega G1 to my Hegel is blighted with this strange occurrence.
Can someone help with this please.

Have you tried first rebooting your BT Smart Hub, followed by rebooting the Nucleus?

Geoff, I will try that when we break from work at 12.30. I did reboot the Nucleus, but just didn’t think to reboot the BT smart hub.

Thanks, I think that have done the trick.

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