Kef LSX II not Roon certified?

Hi all, just got a new pair of Kef LSX II expecting them to show up as Roon Ready.

Sadly they are showing as “not certified” and I can’t connect to them this way (only with Airplay or Chromecast).

Anyone else got these yet and/or know if this certification is imminent?


According to Kef’s product page, Roon Ready certification is “expected” in Autumn 2022 - so no, they are not certified as yet.

Ah yes… the small print! Thanks for pointing this out. Not long to wait :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you can use either Chromecast or Airplay until then
Doesn’t it also have USB from a computer?
Nice and flexible device

It will be longer than you think going by how long it took for the LS50W ii to finally become Roon ready. Rule one of Roon don’t buy a product that promises Roon Ready only ones that already are Roon Ready or expect a wait and disappointment and finally rage.


Yeah it has USB which is a good selling point. Not sure how the quality of Airplay or Chromecast compares to Roon RAAT, but it seems reasonable so far.

Early days, not sure if I’ll keep them yet…

Chromecast should be very much the same as Roon RAAT as it can go to 24/96 if your WiFi can handle it.
Airplay will be limited to 16/44 but that gives good quality sound.

Overall you should not really be impacted unless you want to group with other Roon zones.

I would be interested in your thoughts on audio quality and sound stage as they are something that I might be interested at a later date to replace either 2 Sonos Play 3s or Play 1s

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Indeed. Yes that is my worry. Unless they blow me away sound quality wise I’ll probably send them back for a refund. I have 30 days so I’ll see.

They’re probably a bit bulky for what I intended anyway and I feel like I’m paying a lot for the industrial design. Sound quality is so-so (I’m probably spoilt by my ProAc tablettes).

I do love Roon though so I was hoping it would all be set up…

Cool, yeah Chromecast sounds reasonable. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Wanted something small for desktop use, and I like the all the input choices. I only have a very small room so bass modes are a problem - kind of wish they were sealed boxes and not ported.

I also have a MiniDSP (Roon Ready) feeding a DAC and going through a valve amp to some ProAc monitors and it’s hard to compete with the sound of that. The MiniDSP also corrects the room modes with Dirac and don’t think the EQ settings on the Kefs can really compare.

I’ll give them a good trial run though! They look beautiful, but it’s the sound that matters most

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Yes that is not really a like for like comparison, but good luck with the break in.

I am looking for an office desktop setup myself, and thinking of using my Mini I pro 3 with the tiny Genelec models as I only sit 2-3 feet away at most and want to take the Sonos play 3s out as they are way too big for my room. The Genelec should have much lower bass which should be good for my setup.

They won’t match the Tabs that’s for sure.


I would look at the QAcoustics M20 if your using the Matrix. They are powered speakers rather than fully active but at the price you will find it hard to beat them. I have the older BT3 and they are excellent, but these for all accounts surpass them. You get excellent value with QAcoustics.

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Thanks Simon, I will look at them, actually I might have already.
But I really like the look of the Genelec and Tannoy Gold 5 as small desktop near Field speakers. They both support XLR balanced which I wanted to have a play with. The Gold 5 are good value and the Genelec are on the luxury side, but I already have the MA.

Fair enough Tannoys, dual concentric configuration isn’t for everyone, they certainly were not for me in the end, they had to go. As the golds appear to be bass light they might be a bit bright.

Yes understand, it’s an option, will probably have to buy and return if I do not like. It’s interesting design and has good write ups. I might save some extra pennies and just get the Genelec though :roll_eyes:

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Funnily enough, Genelec are also on my shortlist. Maybe the 8010a. Also heard good things about Ruark MR1.

So far, I think these Kef are overpriced for what they provide sound-wise. Will update with my impressions after a week or so…

That’s exactly the model I was looking at and like the others it has balanced support which suits me and my MA streamer.
The other model I was looking at is the Tannoy Gold 5, which have also been well reviewed.

With the Kef you are paying for the Streamer technology and the convenience (at least to me). I would struggle to justify this for the office, though I can imagine looking at it when I replace my conservatory system as two play 1s work like a dream in there and my seat is in the sweet spot.

Hi Michael. I just yesterday purchased a set of Adam T7V Studio Monitors (German origin I believe) and have hooked them up via XLR cables to my matrix-I mini pro in my bedroom.

Gives me a speaker option as well rather than just using the Headphones and IEMs.

I looked at the T5V originally (which might be more the size you require) but thought the 7’s had a slightly more balanced sound.

Just waiting on the new Sofa Table to arrive tomorrow to replace the temporary stand. It’s about 10-12 cm lower which should place tweeters right at ear level.

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Fergus thanks for that information.
I looked at the 5s and 7s and they have replacements due out soon if I remember. They are on my shortlist, just wasn’t a fan of the industrial design of them. From a design perspective the Genelecs make everything else look like a cardboard box :see_no_evil:

I am slightly space constrained at the moment, but also likely to move office to another larger room, so may have to wait several months for the right solution, which will likely include a bigger desk and then might require bigger speakers.

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Always room for bigger speakers.

Mrs Ferg away at moment in West Aust visiting new grand daughter, so i”m batchin… Knows I finally ventured out for the first time in awhile to the Musician’s Pro and DJ Store but doesn’t know I actually purchased anything!!

Will be a wonderful surprise for her return to see all the lovely new equipment and furniture. :joy::joy::joy:

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