KEF LSX II shows up as Roon Tested, not Roon Ready

This seems to be an issue for others. It randomly changes between showing up in Settings → Audio under “Roon Tested” (most of the time), and “Roon Ready” (random).

The speaker is connected through ethernet to a TP-Link range extender since the WiFi on these is awful. This morning it was Roon Ready; an hour ago I rebooted my network and now it’s Roon Tested.

Hi @Raul_Acevedo ,

The KEF LSX II are both Roon Ready and Roon Tested, but it is strange that Roon Ready is disappearing on your end, though I suspect a networking issue. If you are able, can you temporarily connect them via Ethernet to the router, and check to see if the behavior stabilizes? Range extenders and WiFi can be susceptible to interference, so it is possible that this is what is happening here.

Well, the WiFi on these KEF speakers (both LSX II and LS50 W2) isn’t great, so I used a range extender to connect the LSX II via ethernet, and while it initially bounced between Roon Ready/Tested, it now seems to have settled on Ready and is working fine.

Using ethernet (via range extenders to convert WiFi to ethernet) I’m able to get stable multi-room sound between the LSX II and the LS50 W2s in other rooms. It’s too bad their WiFi support is so spotty.

Anyway it does seem the problem is solved for now. Thank you!


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