KEF LSX Introduction


These look very interesting. I’m considering for the bedroom but somewhat concerned about reliability of electronics. Only a one year warranty on them, the drivers are five. I own Dynaudio Focus XD actives for my main listening room and love them. They have a full 5 year warranty and have found end user support to be superb. Wish the Dynaudios where Roon Ready, as it is I use a Digione streamer.

(simon arnold) #62

One year is not enough for something this price or any consumer electronics goods these days. Given the reliability of the more expensive siblings I would definitely want longer.


Completely agree, and unfortunate but that will likely dissuade my purchase of these. May look at the baby Dynaudio’s instead.

(John Aiello) #64

Wanting longer and getting longer are two different things.

(simon arnold) #65

I though the UK had a two year warranty now on all electronics goods will have to check.

(simon arnold) #66

Well we do unitl March when we leave the EU.


Yes, but as informed consumers we make the choice. Here’s the response from KEF America on warranty:

Nov 28, 13:24 EST

Good Morning,
The warranty for all active speakers including the LSX speakers is 1 year on electronics and 5 years on drivers.
If you have already purchased the LSX I would encourage you to register them as soon as you are able. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Technical Services Agent

(John Aiello) #68

To the LSX owners I have a question. Is the master speaker the left or the right? I think I read or saw that it was the left but I wanted to double check. Thanks.

(Roel) #69

The default setting is that the right speaker is supposed to be the master, but you can inverse left and right in the Kef Control app. So i doesn’t really matter how you set it up as long as you inverse the channels if needed.

(simon arnold) #70

Anyone had a listen or seen the new Totem Kin play be interesting to here about them as Totem seem to be well loved as a speaker. I know they are not full active as the amps are all in the one speaker but if they sound good I dont care.

(John Aiello) #71

I just got my LSX. Installed them and updated the firmware to 3.0. I can use the control app to see the speaker and I can use the stream app to stream Tidal to it but Roon does not see it in the list of Roon Ready devices. Anyone else have this issue?

(John Aiello) #72

Well I got it working after a reboot. I think that after I updated the firmware a reboot was supposed to happen but maybe it didn’t. This time I electrically unplugged and replugged in the master unit and then Roon could see it. It’s all good now. These things sound great!! Way bigger than their size.


So the KEF LSX are not RAAT? How about LS50W? Thanks

(John Aiello) #74

Here is what Ben said:


(Sean) #75

Also not Roon Ready :wink:

We all make the mistake sometimes though hehe

(John Aiello) #76

Okay so I used the wrong terminology. While it is not “Roon Ready” it is Roon capable. Roon now sees it after a reboot and all is well.

(Sean) #77

Great stuff mate.

You had the LS50W at one point also?

If so, early impressions on audio SQ/performance differences between the two? Apart from the bigger LS50W maybe playing louder easier in a larger room.

(John Aiello) #78

I still have the LS50W. I use them in my home office during the day when I am working. I bought the LSX for the basement where my treadmill and workout stuff is. I wanted something really good down there and I think I accomplished that. I only listened to them for a few minutes this afternoon while I was setting them up. I can tell you that they surprised me with how big they sounded against how small they are. Great bass too. I left them playing for the rest of the afternoon to start the break in process. I will probably do 45 minutes on the treadmill in the morning so I will get a good dose then.

(Phong Vuong) #79

Does the LSX have auto power on and off?

(John Aiello) #80

Yes it does. It comes configured to power off after an hour. You can also configure it via an app to stay on all the time.