KEF LSX KEF streaming vs Airplay


I just purchased a set of LSX for my kitchen

The Speakers appear on my audio settings as Roon tested via KEF Streaming and other network devices via Airplay

If I listen via KEF streaming its dreadful , constantly buffering

If I listen via Airplay there is no buffering

I noticed that via KEF streaming its lossless, via Airplay its High quality, which tbh is fine for me, however why is it constantly buffering via KEF streaming and not Airplay

And can I resolve that issue?

I suspect there’s a higher network overhead with KEF streaming than Airplay, hence the buffering. In terms of resolving it: can you hardwire the LSX? If not, can you improve the throughput of your local network?

Also, it would be a good idea to add the required info at the top of your post, i.e. the details regarding your Roon Core Machine, Networking Gear & Setup Details, Connected Audio Devices, and Number of Tracks in Library. It makes it much harder for support to offer advice if they don’t have this information.

My LS50Ws sounded fine, but would often drop out on WiFi at 50-70mbs

I’m getting ~250mbs over WiFi now, not had any issues since

I have a pair of KEF LSx speakers connected wirelessly. I have no problems using them (the odd reboot every few months) using ROON directly or Airplay. Streaming wirelessly through the KEF app is appalling, don’t waste your time.

If the problems are through ROON, you need to look at your network.

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