KEF LSX Speakers Won't Connect to Roon

1.7 build 571 (Original Nucleus Plus Music Server) with 2 External HDD connected via USB.

KEF LSX Wireless Speakers
Speaker refuses to connect to Roon even though the speakers are shown as a zone in my roon software. in attempting to change zone to KEF LSX Wireless I get an error message that tells me the speakers refuse to change source. Only thing I have done different is change the connection on the LSX speakers from wireless to wired but still on the same home network as the roon program.

Are the speakers up to date firmware wise?

Yes. That was the first thing I checked and the software tells me that I am up to date. No updates needed. Wish it had been that easy to fix

perhaps you can post a screen shot of the audio settings for this zone too.

Maybe disable and re-enable the zone is worth a shot too

Just a thought… I think I read somewhere in passing that you need to use the kef app to tell the speakers to use wired when changing from wireless, ie you can’t just plug in a network cable. Struck me as slightly not obvious at the time.

Hello @Ronald_Johnston, my apologies for the delay here. Could you please try switching to airplay and back to Roon to see if this causes any change? Thanks!

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