KEF LSX unstable after multiple skips

Hi @noris,

I was wondering if the ‘few changes’ you were referencing above have already been published? If not, do you have a release ETA? I got a pair of KEF LSX speakers three days ago and have been having lots of “Roon lost control of the audio device”.

To add to what the other users have reported, Roon loses control to play music. It is however still able to turn the LSX speakers on and off and it’s almost instantaneous. So network connection is present. Once off, the only way to get the LSX back and playing with Roon is to unplug from power. Unfortunately, today I got “lost control” twice in a 20 min listening session.

In anticipation of your questions:

  • I don’t have the stream app open in the background
  • This happens particularly when skipping songs in succession, playing a minute or two of each
  • I have AT&T Pace 5268AC router & WAP (to which the LSX are connected via 5Ghz); server is a Win 10 Pro machine with i7-8700/16GB/256 SSD, Ethernet/CAT6 connected to the router.


Hi @Emile_Zafirov,

I have split your post from the previous thread so that I can better assist.

We have already deployed the KEF stability changes in our last release and there has not been many reports since then which leads me to believe that this issue might be something environmental to your setup. Let’s try to narrow this issue down even further:

  • How are your KEFs connected to each other? Are they using an Etherent cable between them or are they communicating over wireless between the pair? Can you give cabled mode a try and let me know if that changes anything?

  • You mention that the KEFs are on 5Ghz WiFi at the moment. As a temporary test, can you try connecting them via Ethernet to the router and let me know if the issue still occurs?

  • I would like to take a closer look at the diagnostics from your Core for this issue. Before I enable diagnostics mode for your account, I’d like to make sure that I gather the right info here. Can I please ask you to reproduce the issue and note the exact local time in your country (e.g. 9:09PM) when this behavior occurs? If you can let me know timestamps of the above two tests that would be helpful as well.


Please see my answers below.

  • KEFs are connected to each other via Ethernet cable and it is configured in the app.
  • I don’t have Ethernet to the bedroom. I can tell you however that when the connection works, 24-192 files stream with no problem. When Roon loses control, it can still power the KEFs on and off.
    After I note the instances with KEF connecting over wi-fi, I will move them to another room and connect via Eth.
  • Let’s do that test, I will provide the timestamps as requested. Of note, streaming breaks even when I am not skipping songs. It just needs a few minutes.

Thanks for your help.

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