KEF LSX Volume low

Hi all.
New to Roon and to LSX but I have my setup up and running and very happy with it.
Laptop + Roon + Tidal to LSX directly.
The fact that it’s Roon Tested and the amazing sound when TIDAL is played with Roon got me hooked to the software. I find the sound quality much better with Roon than directly with TIDAL/Airplay .
Few questions though: what about the volume of your LSX? It seems to me that the volume is a little bit low as I have to be at around 60 to have a comfortable volume. Then up to 70-75 is loud but not so much. Got to go to 80-90 to have something really loud… Is it normal? If not, any way to boost the volume in Roon’s DSP?
Other thing: what about using a subwoofer with it, like the Kef Kube 8 for example? does it bring significant interest?
Sorry for the newbie questions!

Fyi: My listening volume with kef lsx is around 60 in a relatively small room (4x4 meters). For me this is loud enough. I have added a rel sub which increases spl and bass extension, really recommended. I use dsp in roon to flatten out bass hump around 60 hz after measurement in rew. Result is very good to my ears. But these are not really speakers meant for large rooms or lots of volume. Having said that, i don’t think a high volume setting is a problem, as long as your sound is not distorted

thanks @Paul_from_Rotterdam! What Rel sub are you using?

Rel t5i, small but adequate for my needs

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I’m paring LSX and Kube 8 with Roon and that sounds amazing.
My listening volume is around 50 and Kube 8 gives a significant change in extending the sound stage. In the KEF app, my setting is a little leaning to sub at low pass 100 kHz so that LSX has more room to drive mid range powerfully.

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Hey! Thanks for the answer. I finally bought a REL T ZERO sub and it sounds great too with the LSX.
The speakers are linked to the sub with an Audioquest sub cable, and to the router with an Audioquest Ethernet cable.
Really happy with the setup with Roon core on a Windows dedicated server!

Hey Laurentz,

To expand on @Daisuke_Yamamoto ‘s post, if you pop into the Expert section of the sound settings in the app, you can set a separate high pass filter for the LSX, and a separate low pass for the sub. This will make for an even better integration between speaker and sub, plus strip the extreme LF out of LSX, which will make them even more dynamic and detailed in the midrange. Tip: save the sound profile whilst still in the Expert mode screen, don’t go back to the Basic screen - because the basic screen doesn’t have the separate filter options, it may cause a (harmless) conflict and go back to the standard basic setting. Also, if doing the crossover in the app, set the subwoofer to LFE mode (if it has one. If not, set the crossover as high as possible on the sub)

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Wow thanks! I’ll try that ASAP!