KEF R5 or equivalent

Hello there

I’m considering buying a new hifi system and would appreciate some advice. Before, I had KEF Q700 with Rotel RA-12. Then I went with KEF R300 with a Teac AI-503.

I’m considering KEF R5 with a Rotel A14MKII.

What equivalent of KEF R5 or the Rotel would you recommend? I’d like to compare in the same price range.

I’m based in France and I’m getting a small apartment with a living room I would say of 10 sqm.

Thanks in advance!

NAD C368 and Dali Oberon 7.

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3m x 3m+ approx?

I’d get two small REL subs first
Then upgrade the amp

The point being, you will struggle to manage the bass from the bigger speakers

‘Separating’ the bass with subs will not only give you lower bass, but it means you can put the main speakers in the best position for stereo imaging

Thanks for your message. What about an integrated amplifier?

Any thoughts?