KEF R5 with Hegel H120

Hello there,

I’m new to hi-fi, I mean I bought my system in 2014 & another one in 2018 and I want to buy a new one this year. And in between I just discovered that the only innovation in the hi-fi work was Roon.

Is the H120 Roon Ready? What does that bring, specifically?

I’m planning to connect a Mac Mini and upsample in DSD128, would that work?

Is the Hegel sufficient to drive the KEF R5?

I’m hesitating between the Hegel or a Rotel A14 MKII.

Yes, see …

In summary Roon can stream to the device via your network, see …

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Thanks Carl. I read many times that page but I never fully understood what is the value for the end user. I understand it goes beyond just showing a nice icon of an amp in the signal path but if I compare to my current setup, a Mac mini connected via my integrated amp via USB, what would be the additional value of a Roon ready amp?