KEF WINDOWS USB driver - is it necessary?

The official KEF support page says a USB driver for windows should be installed
Is this really necessary? I installed it and now I have one more instance of the LS50 available as a Roon device and as an audio device in windows.
Doesn’t seem to behave differently than the windows USB driver.

The KEF USB driver is not required to use the LS50W or LSX speakers with Roon over Wifi or Ethernet.

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It doesn’t seem to be required for USB either. I wonder why did KEF publish it and if it has any use at all…

Probably still need it on older (Win7- ?) versions of windows.

The KEF support page says “If you are running Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10, you will need to download an external USB audio driver.“

(Down in the FAQ)

It could be the Windows generic class 2 audio driver that has been released for W10.

I can report on one thing that it does, at least on my computer - create havoc with speaker volume.
I ended up with 3 instances of the Ls50 wireless showing in Roon audio devices: 1 wifi and two USB. Because of that the USB versions were completely confused in terms of volume handling (the WiFi connection to LS50w was fine). Both would play at max volume in spite of very low volume setting if “device volume” was used in settings; however if DSP volume was selected, they would play at very low volume at the maximum (0db) setting. This happened regardless of which was enabled or disabled in Roon and persisted even after restarts, etc. The only thing that restored normal behavior was uninstalling the KEF USB driver. So it’s probably better not to use it…