KEF Zones (LS50 v1 + LSX) Not Group-able -- Core 1.8 903, Remote 1.8 903

No Zone Grouping option available for either LS50 V1 or LSX

That’s because they are Roon Tested devices, not Roon Ready ones.

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Roon’s documentation explicitly states that the KEF LS50 V1 and the LSX may be grouped as a Kef Specific Zone. Please see the attached screen shot, taken from the link in the original post.

Unless there’s something upcoming I don’t know about yet, they have never been able to be grouped. I’ve literally just walked to another part of the building where I have two pairs of LSXs, and as always - no ability to group them. I imagine it’s an oversight in the document.

This is why I’m filing the bug report.
The documented feature, which has never worked, is very clear.

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