Key features in 2016 please?

Roon is great and the latest version is again a big improvement. Thanks for that.

There are three features that I think are essential for a lot of people

  1. Roon speakers : that’s for the next version I understand.
  2. Streaming Radio : it was announced that TuneIn will not be implemented, but could you please give an idea in what version/quarter it will be possible to add streaming radio channel ? Personally, I’m afraid you want to create too much. I can wait for a full blown radio channel solution, but I need the ability to add a couple of stations manually “tomorrow”.
  3. Playing SACD ISO files : in what version/quarter will it be possible to play SACD ISO-files without the need to convert them to flac ?

Could you please lift a tip of the veil ?



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But yes…I’m an advocate for a clearer more explicit road map too!

I, too, really appreciate and enjoy the level of interaction here in the Community forums, particularly by the Roon staff. I have to say that it contributed in a big way in my decision for the lifetime subscription. (well, that and the fact that it’s a totally awesome product :wink:

I have no doubt that Roon Labs will continue to exceed our expectations about what is possible with this amazing tool. My top vote would also be for streaming of user-selected radio streams. That’s something I use daily via LMS.

  1. Roon speakers
  2. Phone form factor support
  3. Client downloading of tracks for offline playback. (Final nail in the iTunes coffin)


Right now, lack of streaming radio is the only aspect of Roon that stops me giving it a perfect 10/10. Roonspeakers and other enhancements will be welcome, but as an ex SBT user myself this is the one aspect I seriously miss on a regular basis.

I’m sure my patience will be rewarded, though :relaxed:


Radio plus iphone control is essential. Decoding MQA when tidal goes highrez would be the thing I look forward to the most.

I’m not sure how useful phone control will be for me.

Having side loaded Roon onto my 5.7 inch screen phone I know the full interface doesn’t work (far too small). I uninstalled it within minutes, as it was more annoying than useful.
Which means I would still need my tablet for music selection, browsing, reviews etc. So no advantage whatsoever having a phone with basic control.

That said, I can see how it might be more useful if you use a larger PC or laptop in a dedicated part of the room for music selection, then just want basic play, volume etc in your listening seat.

And I guess it could be occasionally useful if you just wanted to tweak volume, hit stop etc if you wander between multiple zones.

But that just seems to miss most of the advantages of Roon to me, and we’re back at my initial point, so why bother…

But each to their own, of course, and I’d be genuinely interested in the desired user cases and advantages it would bring.

I think a phone interface makes sense eventually if paired with RoonSpeakers, to allow me to take Roon into listening situations where having a full tablet doesn’t make sense (like when we all start working out again in the new year :wink: )


Maybe, but I already have plenty of apps on my phone that allow me to listen to music on the go in other situations where a tablet doesn’t make sense. Tidal, for example.

Roon mostly makes sense in a PC/tablet environment to get the most from it, as that is the way it was designed.

A phone version could be handy as an alternative/add-on in some situations.
But - and it’s a big but - to my mind it could take a fair bit of rejigging to make it work well.
It would be effectively a new, but related product to work effectively, and not just a scaled down tablet version.

As such, there are many other things I’d like to see first, such as streaming radio and Linux versions.

Maybe we should all just vote for our order of requests :grinning:

Roon Speakers are the biggest thing for me. I’m really missing Roon since buying a Naim SuperUniti, but UPnP streaming just sounds so much better than the optical out from the MacBook. Better handling of classical music is second priority. However, the emergence of Roon has definitely been one of the good things of 2015.

Have a great Christmas everybody :grinning: :evergreen_tree:

What are roon speakers? Are they physical speakers?
or some sort of software?

It goes back a while and is quite a lot of reading but it explains all…

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Hi Joe,

It’s software that will have versions for Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi that will enable a device to be a Network Zone in Roon. The protocol it uses is known as the Roon Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT) which is also used by hardware that is RoonReady. We will be able to group all devices using RAAT into Group Zones and synchronise playback of an audio stream to the whole group.

Any Remote or Core can send audio to a Network Zone. RoonSpeakers (and RoonReady devices) will enable Roon to operate as a “whole of house” solution.


@andybob has just saved you some reading and covered it all!


OK…another one of those “key features” threads - I can’t help but join in; for me, the most important features still outstanding are:

  1. Full metadata editing capabilities
  2. Full artwork integration (rear cover art, media art, liner notes, etc - in various accepted formats but at least .PDF and .JPG)
  3. Improved sorting of items on the artist page - allow the option to split items into albums, singles & EPs, compilations, bootlegs, anthologies, etc

When these are implemented then I can get down to some sorting of my collection :slight_smile:


a) I’ve got digital only albums that Roon doesn’t know about, so metadata editing will be useful
b) might also want to adjust some of the genre associations, again metadata editing
c) I also want to filter by format - DSD 64/ DSD 128 / PCM 96 etc. My lampi dac has be manually reset for native DSD, so reducing the material shown to just DSD for a DSD session would be good

  • I have discovered how to edit track metadata now to deal with (a) - lots of actions are triggered from a right click on the track so when I didn’t see edit come up as an option I thought you couldn’t edit.The interface would be improved if everything was dealt with in the same way*

[quote=“kaka, post:16, topic:6002”]
c) I also want to filter by format - DSD 64/ DSD 128 / PCM 96 etc.
[/quote]Hi this is possible now, try Focus --> Format …