Keyboard disappearing

hi ;
new phone s9 Plus .; dec 10 works fine , dec 26 keyboard disappears, can not search in roon / tidal.
roon app works fine on old android phone htc, samsung s8 , sony . windows etc.
i see this has been an issue for a year . there must be a solution
roon 1.5 360 32 bit on all remotes phones etc .
this only happens in roon app.
i could not find any where that roon has fixed this in forum.

i have found a work around , not satisfactory , but at least i can use roon.

roon can not work on a full screen , i got and samsung s9 plus because of the screen.
you can set which apps are to run on full screen ,in phone settings, have to set roon , not to run on full screen.
so much for album art on a full screen.
life member
regards paul

Hello @paul_osullivan,

What are you seeing when trying to run Roon in fullscreen mode? Is it just the keyboard that’s the issue in full screen mode? Can you please post a screenshot showing what you’re seeing?