Keyboard media keys not working

Hello there

I just got a new Mac mini and I have difficulties to play media keys on the keyboard: it opens iTunes.

I checked on Roon in Settings > MacOS Media Key Support and it says “Permissions granted”.

Is there anything else I am missing? I am not seeing “iTunes Helper”, though I don’t remember where is this.

Could anyone help me?

Media keys work for me on Mojave if iTunes is not running. They don’t when iTunes is open.
Except of allowing accessibility for Roon I didn’t set anything else for this to work. :thinking:


Thanks for your message. But iTunes is NOT running.

I always, although Roon as a login items, which means it opens at start-up when I reboot.

Is this could be reason?

@support could you help me, please?

Hi @Gigatoaster,

Could you try removing permission and re-adding and let us know if there’s any change here?


Hi @dylan

I found the reason. I use Apple Remote Desktop to control the mini and changed the setting from “when controlling a computer: take complete control” to “share control with user”.

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