Keyboard remote extension on Ropieee

Hi Harry,

I just came to the sad conclusion that my idea of creating a remote control for Roon using the roon-extension-keyboard-remote on a cute little Pi Zero W that I got expressly to run Dietpi for that purpose isn’t going to happen, because the Zero is ARM 6, and Roon bridge needs ARM 7 or 8. Oops. :scream:

I have Ropieee on a Pi 3B+ with a DAC HAT. “Why not run the keyboard remote extension on there?”, I thought to myself, and duly searched for information on how to do that. The creator of the extension (@Martin_Maisey) had a thread from 2018 in the API category that didn’t get very far, so I hope it’s okay if I ask the same thing again here, in 2019. :wink:

Thnx for you consideration.

What functionality are you looking for? RoPieee supports some remote controls natively as of a few versions ago, but maybe you require more than basic controls?

Hi Nathan,

I think I got it figured with the help of @Joe_Gratz, who gave me the idea of using a Teenage Engineering Ortho Remote to control Roon. The RPi Zero doesn’t need to have any Roon packages on it, so its just fine in that regard.

The point is ofcourse still open: why not run extensions on Ropieee? In this case I have whole separate RPi doing remote control duty because of that need.

Ofcourse, the answer can be that simply, Ropieee is what it is and works splendidly, and it’s just not for extensions.

Hello Chris @CRo,

Not presuming to speak for @spockfish of course, but as I understand the RoPieee project’s mandate, the imperative is that that the main branch should “just work”, with no bloatware or high risk of blowing up. Harry did add @Jan_Koudijs ‘s excellent Alarm Clock recently, which I am grateful for, but it is the exception.

RoPieeeXL may offer more broad functionality in the future, and may have a more flexible roadmap.

Yeah, that’s what I assume as well. RopieeeXL perhaps is the place for such things.

Hi @CRo,

RoPieee is not a generic distribution and as such I’m very reluctant of adding additional software.
Furthermore RoPieee already support remote controls (OSMC and

“So why did you integrate the Alarm Clock then?”

Even that was after long consideration, but the difference is I’ve got questions from more people, it did not overlap with functionality RoPieee already has, the extension is properly maintained etc.

Hopes this clarifies it a bit.