Keyboard Shortcut/s

I have found in my short time as a user the keyboard shortcuts most useful - especially CTRL-I.

I have been using this to try to speed up the process of filling in the vast amount of missing artist’s pictures in particular. It actually has been a time saver
On that basis - perhaps having a direct keyboard shortcut where the user could be taken directly to the ‘item’ within the editor. Whilst it may not seem like a ‘big deal’, I’d assume (but could be wrong), it would not be a ‘big deal’ to implement either. Further, it would be a bigger time saver for those with many items that need editing.

I’m thinking rather than just clicking CTRL I to be taken into the editor, how about shortcuts that would take you to for example:

Even better to be taken directly to within either ‘browse for image’ or ‘paste url’ for example. I think it would further enhance the user experience and save time for those that do a lot of editing.

Thank you for your consideration.

***If this has already been suggested over the years please ignore. I was unable to find anything like this looking at some of the past threads.