Keyboard Shortcuts on MacOS - [Solved - Enabled Media Keys in Settings]

Can I change the keyboard shortcuts for Roon in macOS? I’m running a Mac mini with the Apple keyboard and I have shortcuts for play/pause and track previous/next but they don’t do anything in Roon. I do see a keyboard shortcuts section for other key combos to control playback but I’d like to use the actually media keys instead, is this possible?

Hello @Danny_Scarbrough,

Have you enabled Media Keys in Roon Settings? I would check Settings -> MacOS Media Key Support. Is iTunes by any chance running at the same time as you try to make use of Media Keys?


I found where I needed to in and grant permissions, thanks for the tip

Great to hear that @Danny_Scarbrough! Thanks for contacting support and hope you have a great day!
– Noris

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