Keyboard Volume Control Request

Using a wireless keyboard to control volume to a Mac Mini. The Opt-(Up/Down Arrow) works fine, changing volume by +/- 5db. Sometimes this is too coarse an adjustment and i find myself reaching for the iPad to move the slider. It would be helpful to have a finer keyboard adjustment. How about using the shift key as a modifier to give a +/- 2db adjustment?

Shift-Opt-(Up/down arrow) = +/- 2db

This is definitely a ‘nice to have’ request. Roon is working well and sounding great with HQPlayer integration.



I agree.

I was just about to post the similar request. I would like the increment setting adjustable. I’d actually like it as low as +/-1 for very slight adjustments. It would also be nice if you can manually enter the number in the volume section if click over the number instead of having to use the slider if want smaller increments.

I just got an Explorer2 and its volume is complete computer controlled.

+1 to this idea. It would be easier to be able to enter a numeric value in addition to the slider control.

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+1 on this from me as well.
I find the volume control steps are far too much. Maybe a preference setting?

And use the volume buttons on the device when using a phone or tablet as remote.


Would love to also have a finer step in volume control. I don’t mind editing some configuration file as a temporary solution. Thanks!


This should be configurable for each output device. On my DAC / headphone combination, I rarely go above 10 out of 100. So +/- 5 gives me only 2 usable volume steps and I keep having to use the slider.