Keyboard volume control [Ticket]


The keyboard volume shortcuts on a wired Apple keyboard do not function. ⌘-up/down nor ⌥-up/down.
By the way: the Toggle mute shortcut (⌘-M) on a Mac is the default shortcut for minimizing a window, so cannot be used.

Hi @Arie_van_Boxel ---- Thank you for the report, the feedback is appreciated. I can confirm that I can reproduce the behavior while using the mute shortcut (⌘-M), as it appears that this function will only work while the application is set to full screen. A ticket is in and our developers are taking a look :microscope:

Lastly, I was unable to reproduce the behavior you have noted while using the volume shortcut (⌘-up/down). Can you confirm for me that you are trying this shortcut when you are focused on the application?





Yes I am sure Roon is focused.
⌘-up/down does nothing.
I am using the wired keyboard with an iMac Retina running Sierra 10.12.3.



Hi @Arie_van_Boxel ---- Thank you for verifying that information for me.

I just touched base with two of my team members to see if they are making the same observation as you and they have confirmed that they too are able to control the volume via the specified key stroke (⌘-up/down). Both tests were conducted on a wired keyboard and on laptop integrated keyboard.

When you are trying to adjust the volume are you using ⌘ + either an “up” or “down” directional key OR are you using ⌘ + one of the volume keys?


Hello @Eric,

I am using the ⌘ + arrow up combination.
Maybe it has to do with my Dutch localization. No big issue, so don’t spent too much time on it. Maybe it’s better to wait until you get complaints from other (Dutch) Mac users.


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