kHz Playback Problems

Dear all,

I have some issues with the kHz playback rate when using Roon.

If I play for example the California Album by Blink 182 on Tidal it plays back with 88 kHz (yellow light of the Chord Mojo that I am using). If I play the same album over Roon it will only be played at 44 kHz.

Is this because it is newly mastered in MQA and this has not been adopted to Roon or did I make some mistakes in the settings?

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The Tidal desktop app will unfold the MQA to its native resolution. Roon (Currently) will not. You need an MQA capable DAC to decode the file. So it looks to be working as it should.

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Thanks for the answer.

But what is the point of using Roon if it decreases the soundquality when streaming Tidal? Will this be fixed soon?

What is the point of Roon you ask? Hmmmmmmmm

Flipping heck, give them time… This stuff is not easy to achieve and requires so much work and development.
Here is an idea, buy an MQA DAC and stream from Roon Bit perfect to enjoy full fat MQA. ( Meridian Explorer 2 was £129 recently on a winter promotion with 90 days Tidal Hi Fi/ Master) a Hi Fi steal. They are almost giving them away.
Just listen undecoded Via Roon and enjoy above CD quality now.
We are assured some MQA decoding is coming to Roon and they have a track record of constant improvement and support.
Just thoughts on perspective…

I could have phrased my question differently as it was not intended to question the legitimacy of Roon.

But it was meant as a serious question. Is there any benefit (with my current equipment: Mojo, UE 18 Pros) to use Roon when streaming Masters from Tidal? Would it increase the quality when playing the regular Hifi stuff of Tidal?

Nope, Roon will just pass it on Bit Perfect. Tidal desktop app is able to unfold to 24/96 MQA.
So for now, if you want best quality MQA use Tidal App.
A capable MQA DAC is the next step, then it’s back to Roon.
Or wait untill Roon decodes MQA.
I think you will always get the best results from MQA with an MQA enabled DAC.
In the meantime, enjoy the music… Chris