Kii Audio Three disappeared after Roon 1.8 upgrade

Setup: Roon Core (build 756) under Innuos Zenith Mk 3 (OS ver 1.4.7) and connect to Kii Audio Control via USB. This setup was working great for over a year since migrating Roon Core from Mac Mini to Innuos Zenith Mk3.

However, the Kii Audio Control/Three disappeared from the list of Roon Ready devices. Grateful for your assistance

Is this the same issue as being reported here?

If so, it’s being investigated by the Roon team. Try rebooting your Core to see if the audio device comes back.

Hi Geoff, definitely not the same issue!

Try power cycling everything, including your router. My Devialet also disappeared, a reboot of everything fixed it.

Thanks Mike! Power Cycling works, bravo!

Just curious, what’s the logic behind power cycling vs plain reboot?

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