Kii Speakers now Roon Tested? No icon though?

Hey guys got an email overnight saying the Kii Audio speakers are now automatically recognised and configured in Roon, however I cant seem to “update” this feature. They have of course been working fine for months, but this update I’m assuming updates the icon to reflect the Kii Control (and would assume volume control inside Roon?)

Hello @Mark_Hyland,

The Kii Three Control will be receiving its Device Icon during a pending background Device Profile Databse update. I will be sure to update this thread when the update has been pushed.


Thanks @john !

Who sent the email? Kii? I didn’t get one.

@danny2 Roon Labs

Speaking of which - Benchmark Dacs’ve been Roon Tested forever, yet no pretty device icons…

So the update came and the Kii Control icon is now in Roon, great. However, @john, can you confirm if this update also allows for Roon to control volume too? No matter what option I select, the Kii Control remains as fixed output.

So I don’t understand what this actually gives us. Roon also “saw” the Kii Control before - just as a generic Xmos device. What’s the advantage?

@danny2 that’s the nature of my question. The Kiis have always worked with Roon (Nucleus in my case). Now I officially have the Kii Control as the icon in Roon, but I still don’t appear to have any other advantages. This “update” doesn’t seem to indicate if Roon now gives the option to control volume (remains fixed no matter what setting I choose in Advanced Setup) so I wanted clarification from @john.

Seems like its not worth the email if all we get is a pretty picture!

@john Can we get some clarification as to what, if anything, has been added?

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from Kii, to “not having volume control from within Roon is disappointing”: "The Kii Control is currently “Roon tested, and we are working closely with Roon to potentially further integration with future firmware releases. As of right now, I can’t promise any concrete release dates though”.

(In case I messed the translation up, for German speakers: “The Kii Control ist aktuell “Roon tested” und wir arbeiten eng mit Roon zusammen, evtl. folgen in zukünftigen Firmware Updates noch weitere Integrationsstufen, momentan kann ich Ihnen allerdings keine konkreten Releasedaten in Aussicht stellen.”)

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Thanks! Still waiting eagerly for the update.