Kii3 + Nucleus Plus

I am building a system around Kii3. I’d like to understand if the Nucleus Plus + Tidal or Quobuz, is all that’s needed? Do I also need a streamer only, i.e., AURALIC ARIES? My understanding, though it could be incorrect, is that Kii3 internal DAC and external Controller eliminate the need for an external DAC. Thank you

If you have the Kii Control, all you need is a digital source to feed it. No need for a DAC. The Kii has extremely good internal D to A conversion.
In your case you’d connect the USB out of the Nucleus to the USB in of the Control.

Thank you very much. I am considering the Nucleus or Nucleus Plus. I would like to rip and store CDs. I only have about 2000 CDs. Please advise on the key considerations for which one will best fit my needs? Thank you

Scrap the Nucleus and get an Innuos Zen Mini. Hard drive and CD ripping built-in. Connect same way.

I would also appreciate guidance on the need for any special cables or power conditioning?

Thanks. I will check this out. What’s your thoughts on the need for room correction. I was under the impression that the Kii3 with Room would not require additional room correction? Thank you

You do not need room correction. The design of the Kii3 is in such a way, that the room effects are minimal. This is the USP about the Kii3

My understanding is that Roon will enable the set up small speakers in secondary rooms, i.e., kitchen, because it can facilitate up to 6 zones. What suggestions do you have for smaller speakers that can go on a kitchen countertop? This is not for primary listening but for music while cooking, exercise etc. Thank you very much

Do you have Ethernet in the locations for the speakers or will it be wi-fi?

I happen to like the Elac Discovery Z3 for spots as you mentioned, I.E. Kitchen. It’s an all in one single box, Roon Ready Stereo Speaker system, about the size of a large shoe box. Works with Ethernet or Wi-Fi but I prefer to use it wired.

Thank you. I am planning to wire my 2 key secondary rooms, kitchen and office.

Don’t agree with the other poster. The Kii lessens room effects, it doesn’t eliminate them. The room is still the room, the Kiis can’t change that.
So the need for room correction varies.
In my room I have a very large bass node at 38hz, even with the Kiis. DRC makes a big improvement, as it eliminates that.
It all depends on your room.
Once you have the Kiis set up, you can measure and try DRC. Then you will know if it makes a difference for you or not.

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What are you using for room correction at what point in your ownership of the keys did you decide to implement it?

I’m using Audiolense.
I decided to implement it b/c even the Kiis couldn’t reduce the giant room node I have. enough. They improved the situation, but as I said, they don’t eliminate the room effects
When you get yours, you can get a trial version of software or free software and measure your room.