Kindly requesting advice for new setup

I have a Roon setup in my home which seems to work well. I run Roon Core on a dedicated MacMini which has an ethernet connection directly into my hub and on the other end a USB into my DAC (Chord Hugo TT).

Now I want to setup a second system in my girlfriends house. I have a similar MacMini, but unfortunately the switch is 2 floors down from the listening room. I have placed the MacMini downstairs and am perfectly able to use my Chord Poly/Mojo as a mobile endpoint. However, what I would like is to create a more permanent solutions and feed my DAC (Burson Audio) with the Roon signal.

I would much appreciate suggestions on what would be the best (sonically) option. The DAC has various inputs (USB, Coax and Optical). I am open to prefab components, but would not mind building things around a Raspberry or similar.

Many thanks for your considerations. And a very joyful 2021!

If the wifi makes it down there, get a raspberry pi4, flirc case, install ropieee (or other sw), and connect the pi’s usb output directly to your amp.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I have studied the Ropieee ‘beginners guide’.

Am I right in assuming that the USB output from the pi4 is of such quality that it no longer benefits from adding a DIGI-board, unlike the pi3 and pi2?

Pi4 USB is undoubtably improved over previous pi’s, though whether this negates the need for further improvement, only you can decide :slight_smile: I would start with a basic Pi4, and if you get that itching feeling later on, add a USB HAT - personally I don’t see any need, especially with a decent DAC, but other “audiophile” opinion may vary.

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This is the guide for ropieee you should read.

Maybe the best setup is to have your girlfriend move in with you.



Haha - I considered it seriously. But when I consulted my audio, I was told that her GAF (Gear Acceptancy Factor) was a little low.

So I had to abandon that thought :innocent:

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