KINK-FM - can't get it working

Trying to get KINK-FM working. Their TuneIn ( isn’t working, and their own URL ( doesn’t work either.

The TuneIn was working a few weeks ago.

Actual URL for the radio station is (Portland, OR - AAA)

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Well, I haven’t had any success either. My attempts to even get to the website were blocked as a potential attack by some service they are using.

I tried to track down details of the direct stream without success - the request for an aac stream doesn’t seem to ever get a reply, even though it shows as playing in the browser.

I suggest you drop them a line and see if they can provide a direct URL that we could add to the Live Radio directory (NB we cannot add TuneIn streams to the directory)

Let us know how you get on