Kitchen Ceiling System - 4 Channel, NAD BluOS Amps or Meridian 218/258

We are having a new kitchen fitted and I want to fit 4 ceiling speakers to the same room

I’m drawn to 8" ceiling speakers to try and get some reasonable bass response.

In particular the Focal ICW8 300

And maybe at less money the Dali Phanton E80

Now I’m having trouble deciding what endpoint/amplifier to run and whether to gop for more install stuff or normal hifi.

I have a NAD M12 and M22v2 pre power in my main system running a Blu OS card that I enjoy.

So I thought of getting a NAD 388 (or maybe even the 368) and running all 4 speakers off it…

However, this might not work as well as a proper multi channel amp.

The Meridian 218 Endpoint/pre amp and 258 Power might be a good option? I know a dealer that could give me some good discount too…

But the 258 is an 8 channel amp and I only need 4 channels, shame they can’t be bridged.

I want the system to be able to play load and without strain for the odd party or just to enjoy things, so hence want a fairly stout amplifier and speakers…

Any other recommendations? Overkill??