KKBOX integration is not going well

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC11TNHi3 → Switching Hub → Router → WAN

Connected Audio Devices

My iPhone.

Number of Tracks in Library

15000 trucks

Description of Issue

KKBOX has expanded its library range, but it has also caused some issues. The problem is that within KKBOX’s library, many unplayable tracks are being displayed. When controlling it locally from Roon Core to Roon Remote, you might either be disappointed because you can’t listen to them or Roon Radio will skip those songs, keeping your frustration to a minimum. However, this issue becomes more severe with ARC. When ARC encounters this issue, it stops playing. This means I have to repeatedly take my phone out of my pocket to skip to another song, and ARC ends up with the lowest rating among all music players. If KKBOX is submitting an incorrect library to Roon, please provide detailed instructions. They may be new to integrating with Roon and still getting accustomed to it.

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