KKbox integration

Since kkbox hifi (16 and 24 bit quality) music streaming service was launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, is there any plan for kkbox intergration?

Rumor is that it will be integrated soon.


Not wishing to burst the bubble , I find that hard to believe.

Roon integration would appear to require concerted software tuning to enable the database downloads that Roon requires . That would require the service provider to make changes and Roon to make changes .The community is littered with request for other streaming services . We still have Tidal & Qobuz …

If you are right then fantastic but look at the track record for other services Amazon, Deezer , Spotify (these 3 would appear unwilling to give appropriate access)

KKBox would be the best one to comments as they need to be willing to give appropriate data access long before Roon can get going making code changes. Version 1.9 here we come !!

You have a point. As I said, it is just a rumor. LOL In any case, it will be good to have a Chinese music service provider in Roon as both Tidal and Qobuz can’t list most albums in Chinese characters. KKBOX is more for the Asian market or Chinese users.

I’ll probably not hold my breath on kkbox, rather rely on TIDAL and Qobuz to launch in Asian countries. Some music providers do supply local language metadata as in this one:

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You are missing the point. Roon can display Chinese characters, but most, if not all, Tidal Chinese songs library have the song titles in English. Tidal is already available in Asia. The following is how a Chinese album like in Tidal:

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What does it look in in Tidal?
I totally get your point, since I work for a company that has similar streaming offering world wide. From what I know, it’s the provider’s metadata that is affecting the displayed information, not Roon.
This is what it looks like for the same album on YouTube Music

I believe this album is delivered by Universal Music Group, if you are in Hong Kong, it’s probably easier to contact UMG to get this corrected for Tidal, which should trickle down to Roon.

I understand this is not the problem of Roon. But a good product should always consider the customer need. In Asia, especially Chinese speaking area. Chinese album with English metadata is always the pain in the ass. I just switched from Tidal to KKbox due to a simple reason of Chinese metadata. I believe there should have other guys around like me.

Roon is the most comprehensive and handy music software I have ever used. I voted it by paying cash to own the license. I just hope Roon can hear a little wish of mine. Help to kill the pain in my ass by adding support to KKBox.


Hello Roon,

Re-igniting this topic.

Please consider adding KKBOX as one of the supported streaming service. KKBOX is fast becoming the biggest streamer for Asian music.



There are romours that KKBOX is working on KKBOX integration. I don’t want KKBOX becomes another Spotify.


Are Roon any intend to add kkbox streaming service in Roon Rock?

Looks like KKBox is only available in a handful of Asian countries, I doubt it’ll be on Roon

KKBox users more than Tidal. And it had integrate in AURALiC equipment last year. I think it not doubt be on Roon.

This may explain …

hardly top of Roon’s List ?


Since KKBOX announced on October 10, 2022 that it will integrate with roon, four months have passed without any new news.Is there a KKBOX-ROON integration schedule?

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As Roon has made no official announcement about KKbOx nothing will be said until/if it launches. Roon do not usually comment on upcoming stuff until it’s time for greater testing or release. I am sure if they are then they are less than happy this has been leaked so early as it steals their thunder.

It hit early access today. Probably not good to use as your primary Roon experience, but you can see progress if you are willing to weather “beta” quality software.