Klassikradio live

klassikradio isn’t working anymore: formerly: https://play.klassikradio.de/ now ther e is a lady proposing to change the URL Doesn’t wrk.Do you have a solution. Thanks Dirk

Hello @Dick_Kortenhoeven , I’ve changed the URL. Try now.

Doesn‘t work for me.
Roon-Team, is it possible to add „Klassik Radio - Live“ in better quality to Roon?

Hello @Matthias_Seither, do you mean it doesn’t play?

I can’t see a problem with the stream. I’ve added an alternative just in case.

The quality is 64kbs aac which is what the website uses.

Thank you Brain for this fast response.
I‘ve found this Stream in 64 kbs too, but no stream with better (128 or 192 kbs) sound quality. I think there is no stream with better quality available, isn‘t it?

I believe not. I looked at the html code and there is nothing better.

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