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My system uses a wired network except for a RPi4 running Ropieee wearing an HiFiBerry audio HAT located in my kitchen. Annoyingly, I have been constantly irritated by audio drop outs to this WiFi connected endpoint.
Whilst the wired network performs faultlessly I have discovered the WiFi network fails whenever the microwave is operated. The fault is easily replicable, so much so, that I don’t really need to configure the recently introduced sleep timer! :grin:
I can live with this but I had no idea that microwave ovens mess with WiFi networks.

Forum users may wish to consider rogue microwave signals when attempting to improve connectivity.

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It’s much worse with 2.4ghz – use 5ghz to (potentially) avoid it. Not guaranteed to fix, but it can help.

you switch on the microwave when you want to go to sleep? :exploding_head:

Danny thank you for the quick response and yes I will try the suggestion to use the higher frequency.
I did laugh at the I need sleep so let’s microwave a ready meal … something I don’t do actually!!

Can anyone explain how microwaves interfere with the WiFi signals when we are led to understand that the radiation is safely contained inside the oven ?

“safely” means “does not cause cancer”


Don’t pop popcorn in bed.

It’s pretty well known