Known Issues Pinned at top of Support

It would be great if there was, at the top of the Support section, a pinned “Known Issues” post, that contained things like this:

I’ll bet it would cut down on people getting upset/complaining/feeling ignored. Having to search and dig through tons of results to find out what’s going on is dumb.


This is such a great idea that I am amazed it has not been asked for before.

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We do this quite frequently on a per-issue basis. Since the Qobuz issue looks to be picking up steam again, I just pinned the thread.

If you see other customers posting about this particular issue in the future, kindly point them to that thread – it would be a huge help!


IIRC this issue was pinned in the past; I was affected by it and got effective help through the pinned post.

Roon’s mistakes were to remove the pin before fixing the problem, to fail to give feedback/updates on the thread, and to not respond to the recent customer issue in a timely fashion.

Relying on a community forum for general issues - “what’s the best ripping software” - is fine. But a catastrophic failure, as in “my entire library has vanished” should be handled by support as close to immediately as possible.

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One forum I frequent has over a dozen stickies pinned to the top and it is too much clutter.
One you will need however is for when the new Adele and Abba albums are released in November, to prevent the three dozen threads asking ‘where are they’ on the day of release. Can the forum software not detect the words ABBA and Adele and pop up a notice during thread composition (like it does for ‘similar subject’ threads)?

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Not being able to find an ABBA album is no big deal, in the scheme of things. Losing your entire library and not getting any help is.

Agreed but the OPs aim was to:

So whatever is likely to cause a flood of similar moaning threads with a common cause is potentially in scope?

The way to cut down on people feeling ignored is to not ignore them.

The way to stop people being annoyed is to not annoy them, as when you say you will give feedback on a thread about a catastrophic failure and then you don’t.