KQED recently stopped playing thru Roon but plays on the web

Until a couple of days ago, KQED played without any problems. Then the stream began sounding like gibberish (as though greatly speeded up). This was true when playback was via a digital speaker (Meridian) or an analogue speaker. Other radio stations continued to play normally. KQED plays normally when I listen via my browser.

The problem with KQED persisted after I (1) removed and restored the station and (2) manually added the station by pasting in the URL from TuneIn Radio.

Thank you for your help!

Oh dear. It looks like KQED have reduced their mp3 sampling frequency to a very low 11.025khz (44.1 is the usual rate). While legal, this is uncommon. Roon doesnt recognise it and plays back too fast until the buffer runs out.

I’ve looked for alternative streams but there don’t seem to be any.

I’m sorry I can’t help, but I will inform the Roon devs about the problem.

Thanks so much, Brian!

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