Kraftwerk - Roon unable to differentiate between German and English releases


Roon says that the Kraftwerk album “Radio-Activity” is a duplicate of the album “Radio-Aktivität”, which of course is incorrect, as they are separate albums with different album names, song titles, and music (although melodies are the same. :wink: )

It lists both albums under the name “Radio-Aktivität”, thus ignoring the album title of the English version of the album.

The track listings are however correct (German and English).


PS. So, does this actually help anyone, to list all the ways Roon has metadata issues? Does Roon Labs make changes in future versions to correct these things?

If I’m not mistaken, Roon does run some album equivalence algorithm to detect if 2 albums are the same or not. So this could be fixed in future versions as they make the algorithm smarter. Let’s wait for them to chime in here.

Apologies for the delay here, @CRo.

We are looking into this — I’ll be sure to update you when we have more info.


HI @dylan,

Thanks. Just to be clear - I’m not losing sleep over this, I’m bringing your attention to the meta data issue simply because perhaps it helps improve the product and the tagging algorithm.


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