Krell Foundation

Hi, I would like to connect the Nucleus + to my pre Krell Foundation via HDMI for multichannel DSDs.
Is the inclusion of my pre in the list of compatible devices expected in the near future?
Thank you and good day.
Adolfo Favia

Welcome to Roon, Favia!

The Krell Foundation will accept an HDMI connection via the Nucleus+. Here’s a note from the Roon Nucleus knowledge base:

Devices connected directly to Nucleus by HDMI
If you have an A/V receiver or other device with an HDMI audio input, you can connect the HDMI output on the back panel of the Nucleus to it. The HDMI output supports both stereo and multi-channel audio content.

Regarding whether the Krell Foundation would be part of the list of compatible devices, I do not know. On the other hand, to operate the Roon output to your Krell Foundation, you’d simply 1) access the “Audio” tab of your Roon set-up, and, from the “Connected to Core” area, 2) select “Nucleus HDMI output,” giving it a Zone name (such as “Krell Foundation”) and 3) adjust any settings from the gear icon.